Personal Tax Solutions

Personal Tax made easy

Tax submissions are complex because the Tax laws are complex, and if you avoid the complexity, it means you are probably receiving back less than you are rightfully entitled to, or paying more than you should.
Our aim is to improve the process by breaking down the complexity into easy-to-understand chunks that removes the dread of tax-filing while still ensuring the best financial result.

Tax as easy as Monopoly...

Why use Tax-Tips On-Line?

Tax-Tips On-Line is a Tax-Consultancy (much like any other legal Tax consultancy firm) but with Tax consultants with vast experience in complex tax auditing (including ex-SARS tax auditors) and a unique set of tax-calculation AI systems and on-line portal to:

  • see the progress on your Tax advice,
  • see which documentation, questions or information your consultant still require to achieve the best tax result,
  • submit those needed documentation, or
  • quickly fill in the questions directly on-line and at a time and place that suits you,
  • upload any supporting documents directly (log-books, transaction records, etc.) and
  • get automatic notifications of important information or status updates.

It's not just about the convenience either. Economic times are squeezing everyone's pocket, VAT rises, inflation keeps pushing prices in one direction (even at a low rate).

Consultants need to work harder to find every hidden opportunity to save on Taxation, and much of the work goes into simple clerical routines - things a machine should be doing.
Our online systems allow them to:

  • Easily assess what information and documents are needed,
  • Get informed when those are available,
  • Communicate quicker and easier with you,
  • Assess very quick whether any information/detail is relevant and adequate,
  • Get more done on your Tax return in a shorter time,
  • All of which are reducing costs, improving efficiency, and in turn, saving you money.

Experience some of the best rates in the industry with us.

Lastly, and most importantly, these systems may only now be available to everyone on-line, but they have been in the making, refined and tested over the last 20 years - used behind-the-scenes inside the best Tax consulting practices around.
Technology now allows us to bring these tools to the front-lines where it can serve everyone. These systems understand what your e-filing requires from the start, allowing both you and the consultant to get it right the first time.

How does it work?

If you have been using any online service, like on-line banking or perhaps your favourite shop's on-line ordering and delivery service, then you are already familiar with it.
If you haven't joined the on-line revolution yet, this is one of the easiest to start with (not to mention the benefit of fast and correct tax-returns!).

Quick overview of the Tax-Tips On-Line process:

  • 1. Supply us with an IRP5 and fill in a short check-list so we know which taxes you are eligible for.
  • 2. We assess your tax needs and list any specific documentation or information needed on your portal.
  • 3. You answer or upload the items asked for with your secure log-in.
  • 4. We confirm everything is in order and report back on the Tax return results (What we will submit to SARS and the money you owe or will receive back).
  • 5. You say "Yes - I agree" and we submit.

It's that easy. Never again lose things you faxed/sent to a consultant, or the tax-man. Everything on your Portal is backed-up and always available.
Never do the same work twice. Still drive the same car as last year? Same house? The detail is already there - only add new things.
Perhaps you like to get detail sorted early and not wait till the Tax-season rush? Access your Portal at any time through the year.

How do I join?

You may simply:

  • Click here to Register on-line using your Email
  • Click here to let us know how to contact you, and a consultant will get in touch with you directly.

(PS: Please allow for slightly longer response times during Tax-season crunch-times)